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All County Paving is your Fort Lauderdale Asphalt Contractor. In Fort Lauderdale, the hot temperatures can be overwhelming and the asphalt gets even hotter! Residents know that with extreme heat, comes damage to their asphalt surfaces and that a quality asphalt paving contractor is important. With over 30 years of experience, All County Paving has been the company that Fort Lauderdale homeowners and property owners trust. They know that with each service, they will receive the personal care they desire.

Asphalt Paving Services We Offer:

  • For over 30 years, we’ve been developing unique solutions for clients of all shapes and sizes.
  • All County Paving is licensed, bonded, and DOT certified General Contractor.
  • We offer a variety of services for professionally managed commercial properties.
  • Our customers include hospitals, HOA’s, municipalities, multifamily & national retailers.

 Fort Lauderdale facts

Fort Lauderdale, FL is located 23 miles north of Miami, FL and has a population of roughly 165,500. This city is named after a series of forts built by the United States during the Second Seminole War. These forts were named from Major William Lauderdale, the commander of detachment of soldiers, who built the first fort. However, the city did not develop until 50 years after the forts were abandoned.

Fort Lauderdale is a popular spring break destination, famous for its beautiful beaches, fine arts, and unique culture. It is known as the “Venice of America” due to its extensive canal system, perfect for gondola rides. Upscale dining isn’t difficult to find with over 4,000 restaurants nearby. Visitors love to take a stroll along Hollywood’s famed 2.5 mile beach broadwalk. There are more than 16 museums, including the Antique Car Museum, showcasing the development of skills in American engineering. If you visiting, the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is conveniently located just a few miles southwest of downtown Fort Lauderdale. Fort Lauderdale is the perfect hot spot with an array of fun family-friendly activities!

Our Latest Fort Lauderdale Asphalt Paving and Maintenance Projects

We Provide Fort Lauderdale Asphalt Paving That Helps Restaurant with Tough Situation

The owner of an Italian restaurant had noticed a decrease in patrons dining in over the last few months. The owner and chef sat down and took a look at the business as a whole and realized it might have something to do with their parking lot, because the food quality hadn’t changed. Recent damage had effectively halved the number of available spaces, so the owner called the best company for asphalt paving in Fort Lauderdale, which is All County Paving. We arrived at the restaurant to give them an estimate as we are always glad to help businesses with their needs.

The All County Paving experts evaluated the parking lot and recommended having asphalt crack repair and asphalt resurfacing. We gave the owner the estimate and he asked us if we could start immediately. The crew arrived on the day that the customer requested and started filling all the cracks that were present, then the crew filled two large potholes that was present too. Once these steps were completed, our crew started resurfacing the lot until the job was done. The customer contacted the office two weeks later to let us know that his business is back on track since All County Paving provided the best asphalt paving in Fort Lauderdale. He said if he would have known this sooner he would have called us to prevent losing business. The customer said he will never let his parking lot get in this shape again, and even scheduled All County Paving for asphalt maintenance in the future.

Church Services Supported by Fort Lauderdale Parking Lot Paving

Recently All County Paving completed a parking lot paving project for a church in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The church’s original parking lot was a loose gravel lot that had holes, gathered water, and was unsafe for people walking across the parking lot. They needed the best Fort Lauderdale Parking Lot Paving available to ensure they had a quality, long lasting lot.

All County Paving asphalt specialists recommended a paved parking lot for the church because it would be affordable, safe, and durable. The church members agreed, and All County Paving returned to the church to start the parking lot paving project. The All County Paving crew went to work immediately, because they wanted the parking lot to be ready for Sunday morning services. The crew was able to get the parking lot paving done in just one and a half days. The All County Paving crew met with the church members a couple of days later to see if they had any questions, and if they liked the new paved parking lot. The church members praised the work highly and were very impressed.

The church informed the crew that now they could use the parking lot for outdoor gatherings, yard sales, and bake sales. The church members were also planning all kinds of activities for the children on the newly paved parking lot.

All County Paving let the church members know that the paved parking lot was backed with a one year warranty and guarantee, and if they have any problems or concerns to simply contact All County Paving. The church members thanked the crew for doing an outstanding job at a great price.

New Parking Lot Installed for Fort Lauderdale Business

All County Paving was scheduled in Fort Lauderdale for a parking lot paving service for a business owner. The business owner needed to have a new parking lot installed, so it would be safe and be more visually-pleasing for his customers. The All County Paving crew arrived on time, and started to remove the current parking lot asphalt. Once the parking lot was removed, the team began to install the new asphalt. The newly-installed parking lot would be durable, strong, safe and attractive for the customer, which is valuable for any business.

The All County Paving crew finished the parking lot installation project, then informed the customer that the job was done. The customer said, “I can’t get over how great the parking lot looks.”

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Parking Lot Repair Renews Appearance in Fort Lauderdale, FL

All County Paving was scheduled for a Fort Lauderdale parking lot sealcoating service for a customer in Fort Lauderdale. The customer told us that his neighboring business had our company out and he thought a new parking lot was installed, but found out that it was sealcoated. He said he wanted his parking lot to look new and refreshed with our sealcoating process. The All County Paving crew arrived on time, as scheduled, then started prepping the parking lot for sealcoating. The prepping would involve cleaning the parking lot, and repairing any cracks that were on the surface. The crew started on the sealcoating, and had the job done within just a few hours. They cleaned up, then invited the customer to take a look at his parking lot. The customer said, “the parking lot looks wonderful! You all did a fantastic job; thank you so much!”

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Fort Lauderdale Parking Lot Repairs Result in Great Transformation

We were called out to Fort Lauderdale to do sealcoating for a customer’s parking lot. The customer’s parking lot had lost that appeal that all business owners want, since it is essential for an amazing first impression for their customers. When the All County Paving arrived, they immediately went to work on getting the parking lot ready for sealcoating. We cleaned the parking lot, repaired cracks and potholes, then started the sealcoating process. The All County Paving crew worked throughout the day until the parking lot was done.

Once the crew was finished then the crew asked the customer to come out and look over the parking lot. The customer was shocked and said, “I can’t believe how the parking lot turned out. It looks like I had a new parking lot installed. You guys rock!” We asked if he had any questions and let him know that all of All County Paving’s work was backed with a warranty, so if he had any problems to give us a call and we would be right out.

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