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All County Paving has been servicing the area as a top commercial paving contractor for years. We’re proud to be the number one choice for asphalt installation, commercial paving repairs, and parking lot maintenance for homeowners and businesses in Orlando. It took us many years of hard work, dedication to service and careful attention to each of our customers and their projects to be able to say that we have the loyalty of Orlando as its asphalt company.

Asphalt Paving Contractor Services in Orlando

  • parking lot paving

  • commercial asphalt repair

  • parking lot maintenance

  • parking lot sealcoating

  • road paving

  • Asphalt Paving

  • Asphalt Repairs

  • Asphalt Maintenance

  • Asphalt Patching

  • HOA Street Maintenance

  • Sealcoating

  • And more!

  • For over 30 years, we’ve been developing unique solutions for clients of all shapes and sizes.
  • All County Paving is licensed, bonded, and DOT certified General Contractor.
  • We offer a variety of services for professionally managed commercial properties.
  • Our customers include hospitals, HOA’s, municipalities, multifamily & national retailers.

Orlando Asphalt Services

As an Orlando asphalt service contractor, our team of professionals has seen the industry growth in the area over the years. From the inception of the University of Central Florida in 1963 to the growth of the Disney parks, tourism, and nearby attractions, we have provided Orlando asphalt services to several businesses, homeowners, and local industry professionals in need of new asphalt or maintenance. We have been able to help many local companies with their asphalt paving needs for parking lots, for new structures and constructions, and for nearly any other local industry which has come through the city over the years. (Click here for Orlando testimonials from some happy customers)

Orlando Paving Services are done by All County

We have seen a major growth in local tourism in this region, namely in the Kissimmee and Orlando areas. With Disney, Universal, Sea World, and many other nearby water parks, restaurants, shopping plazas, and local malls, visitors and residents alike have come to see the immense growth the city has seen just in the past 50 years or so. With more and more land growth, more new development including business development and new industries continuing to come through the area there doesn’t seem to be an end to the opportunities for the hardworking and industrious. This is perhaps why we have become such a well known asphalt company in Orlando for local paving needs.

As an industry leader, we have provided services in the area for years. Whether it is a property owner in need of new parking lot paving, or new asphalt roads to be laid out for a neighborhood, we have industry professionals working for our company who do high quality work. Over the years we have become one of the most trusted local companies due to our industry expertise and experience, our professionalism, and the different services we have offered to our local customers for the most affordable pricing possible.

In fact, due to the major growth in the industry of tourism and local attractions, we have recently begun doing major scale work for major tourist attractions as well. Our team of experts are fully versed in performing new asphalt installation, in doing commercial repair work to asphalt which is damaged, or otherwise servicing asphalt and pavement, as is required by our local customers. So whether it is a well established customer in need of a minor repair job, or a new development in the Orlando area, which needs us to do new construction work for a parking lot or parking facility we have the team on site to render such services. With our many years of expertise in the local industry, and with the many changes we have seen come through the city in recent years we have found how to achieve results for every type of our clientele, and we have the manpower to perform local services for customers and businesses of all sizes who might be in need of our professional Orlando asphalt services which we have years of expertise in.

We have become an industry leader in asphalt services. We do major and minor repair jobs in the city. If there is a ditch or crack in the asphalt, we can render repair work. If local businesses need us to do new installation work or repave the asphalt on their property we also have the equipment to perform such services. We have begun implementing new equipment and new commercial grade supplies as well, due to the growth locally and demand that new businesses and our expanded customer base needs.

Orlando has been a great place for us to grow into over the years. It’s been amazing for us to see great food pop in Winter Park and also all of the new technology and production capabilities that the big entertainment companies in the area have produced. There is so much to do in this city, from visiting the SunTrust center’s amazing viewing deck and suite to the Orange County Convention Center, which has been one of our largest sources of compliments. Whenever there is a convention held there it seems we’ll get a few referral calls from an Orlando customer who needed to know where such excellent asphalt came from. We are glad to make it easier for our neighbors to get around and commute during the day, and are always willing to share our knowledge and skills with new and returning clients.

Although we have been in business doing asphalt Orlando services, repair, and new install work for years, in the past several years, we have become one of the industry leaders in the local area, servicing customers in all industries. Due to our industry experience, professional service techs, and quality services we have garnered more and more attention from local businesses. Regardless of service needs, we are fully equipped and prepared to render asphalt repair, installation, or other services in Orlando and the surrounding area.

Orlando Asphalt Contractor Needed For Highly Anticipated Opening

Recently All County Paving was contacted by a food truck owner. The Falafel food truck owner was finally building a brick and mortar space after saving for several years. He was needing the best asphalt contractor Orlando could offer to do their parking lot, so he called All County Paving. We met with the food truck owner at his soon to be an established business in Orlando. He showed us where his building was being built presently and where he wanted the parking lot. The owner was very specific about his parking lot because he wanted it to have wide parking spaces, so all types of vehicles could use the space without using any additional parking spaces. We gave him an estimate and he gladly accepted so the All County Paving crew was scheduled to start on the project immediately. This was because the buildout was nearing completion.

The All County Paving crew arrived at the location and started working on the parking lot. The crew worked each day, all day until the parking lot was completed. The project was done a week ahead of scheduled, which was impressive to the customer. All County Paving helped them have a spectacular grand opening and the parking lot looked great. The customer was thankful that he contacted All County Paving, because we met and exceeded his expectations. He said we were the asphalt contractor Orlando business owners could trust and count on for the best asphalt services in Orlando could count on.

Orlando Paving Contractor Paves Supermarket Lot

Recently All County Paving was contacted by an Orlando businessman. The businessman was planning on opening a supermarket in Orlando. He and his partners contacted All County Paving to be their Orlando paving contractor because they knew the parking lot would be installed perfectly and on time. The All County Paving crew met at the location and gave the customers a bid. They accepted the bid and wanted our crew to start as soon as possible because they knew they would be opening the supermarket soon.

The All County Paving crew started the parking lot installation process and within no time the parking lot was successfully installed and ready for customers. The business partners were notified that the parking lot was done and they all wanted to take a look at it to make sure that it was what they wanted and needed for their supermarket. They were surprised that All County Paving had the parking lot completed ahead of schedule so they all came out and was pleasantly surprised that the parking lot looked amazing. The parking lot was smooth and attractive, and the parking lot stripes stood out and could easily be seen. They knew then that they had chosen the right paving contractor in Orlando for the project. The supermarket opened on time and all the residents in the surrounding area are happy to have a new store that is easy to access and park at, thanks to All County Paving providing the paving contractor Orlando businesses and residents can trust. 

Local Fair Needs Orlando Paving

A local fair was soon to be held in a church parking lot. The organizers of the event called All County Paving for their Orlando paving needs, and the crew came out and did some patching and parking lot maintenance so that the booths and tables could be set up without doing any damage to the now perfect asphalt service.

When the All County Paving crew arrived at the church they inspected and evaluated the parking lot. The organizers were afraid that the repairs would cost too much money that they didn’t have the money for. The All County Paving crew reassured the organizers that just a few repairs needed to be done and once they were done they could hold their fair without fearing that any of the event goers would get injured on the parking lot surface. They were thrilled with the news and told All County Paving to go ahead and start. We were able to get the repairs and maintenance done so that the church could hold their annual fair and event as scheduled. The fair was a big hit and they raised enough money that they were trying to raise so they could do some other needed repairs on the church. They entire church members are happy that they called All County Paving as the paving experts Orlando residents can depend upon for an honest bid and work provided. A few of the All County Paving crew members even attended the local fair and said it was great to see everyone having a safe and fun time on the parking lot.

A Recent Commercial Orlando Parking Lot Maintenance Job is a Success

All County Paving received a call from a large corporate office in Orlando. The corporate office manager wanted All County Paving to come out and evaluate their parking lot. They could tell there was salt damage that was starting to affect their main parking lot, so they called the best company offering parking lot maintenance Orlando had available. The All County Paving parking lot consultants arrived at the office, and started inspecting the parking lot. Just as the dedicated employee had noticed, the parking lot surface was indeed starting to become damaged due to the salt and chemicals on the parking lot. Our professional consultants created a cost effective solution for this Orland parking lot maintenance project, and they immediately agreed and asked us to start immediately so that their parking lot would be safe, durable, and attractive again.

Our team started working on the lot, and was able to get it back into tip top shape. The customer was ecstatic with the asphalt work that we provided for them. All County Paving was able to perform the necessary maintenance quickly and efficiently, and everyone who works at the building was very impressed. The manager told us that several of the office workers there were talking about how nice the lot it, and were amazed that such a small thing could make a significant improvement in their lives. We’ll be glad to provide a customize maintenance plan that meets the needs and preferences of each business, because All County Paving understands that there are unique aspects to each and every job.

Great Work From Paving Company in Orlando at Corporate Expansion

A corporation was planning on setting up a new corporate campus. The company was in the process of expanding their business, and needed the new campus for several offices along with a warehouse. They selected the new campus location, but the roads leading to the parking lot, offices, and warehouse were in terrible shape, and this didn’t look good for the company, nor was it safe for workers and visitors entering the location, so they needed to hire the best paving company Orlando had to offer, which was All County Paving. The corporation had seen All County Paving doing other paving projects for many other businesses around the city, so they hired us.

The asphalt crew with All County Paving arrived at the location on time, as scheduled, then started the asphalt paving repairs for all the roads that lead to and from the parking structures and main entrances. The crew was so efficient that they had the asphalt paving done in just three days, and the customer was amazed on the craftsmanship, professionalism, and quality of work that All County Paving crew members supplied. The new corporate campus is in operation now, and the roads are safe and smooth for all traffic entering the location, thanks to All County Paving. The customer let us know that when they plan on a new expansion they will be contacting us again in the future, because we lived up to our name as the best paving company Orlando businesses contact.

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