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Benefits of Sealcoating: Why Should I Sealcoat My Parking Lot? Let’s face it, nothing lasts forever – and that includes asphalt pavement. But that doesn’t mean you can’t extend the life of your asphalt parking lot (and improve its life-cycle cost) with timely repair and maintenance – and that includes sealcoating. To understand the impact […]


A Parking Lot Checklist The 10 most-important boxes property managers should check before signing off on a job Just before a job is finished, most contractors work through a “punch list” of things they check before leaving the site – just to make sure the job is complete, the work is finished to their satisfaction […]


Understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act: How to Make Sure Your Parking Lot is ADA Compliant The Americans with Disabilities Act, which celebrated its 27th anniversary in 2017, has been a milestone for those whose lives it made easier but it’s been a bit of a headache for property managers who are required to implement […]


We’re a “Top Contractor”… Here’s what that Means! Whether you’re a customer of ours or a property manager we hope will soon become a customer, you’ve probably noticed we proudly proclaim in our marketing efforts and on our website materials that we’re a “Top Contractor” for various industry services. We thought we’d tell you exactly […]


How Your Contractor Can Help with More than Your Pavement No one can predict when a natural disaster or some other type of man-made emergency might occur, but having a relationship with a paving and pavement maintenance contractor can be beneficial in those unexpected circumstances. That’s because in the aftermath of emergency situations the contractor […]


Safety: Drivers, Pedestrians… and Yours Even though contractors are usually hired to construct or maintain a pavement, there’s another, more crucial, step on which they can offer guidance and that is safety. The safety of pedestrians and drivers should be of paramount importance and as with other regulations such as the Americans with Disabilities Act, […]


Why Does My Parking Lot Have Potholes? And What Can I Do to Prevent Them? Your asphalt pavement is designed to last more than 15 years with timely, proper maintenance. Potholes can occur when that maintenance has been ignored or when maintenance procedures have been delayed or performed poorly. Potholes occur when the supporting material […]

All County Paving Announces New VP National Sales Director

Contact: Deborah Schalm Telephone: 561.455.0453 Email: Website: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ALL COUNTY PAVING ANNOUNCES NEW VP NATIONAL SALES DIRECTOR  Company to expand and relocate national office Delray Beach, FL – All County Pavement Management Solutions is delighted to announce they have retained the talents of Dean DePhillips, appointed as VP, National Sales Director. Dean […]

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December 2016 Newsletter

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