Q. How important is the base? (limerock)

A. The asphalt job is no better than the base is weak, soft, loose or not compacted, the asphalt will not last. The base extends life of the asphalt. Most parking lots have 6” to 8” of limerock base. Depending on the traffic load.

Q. How is asphalt thickness measured?

A. Measurements are taken after compaction.

Q. What is the thickness of Asphalt?

A. 1 Inch is common on parking lots, some are 1.5” subdivisions commonly put down 3/4” for the first year or two, then ass a second lift at making a total of 1.5” asphalt. This 3/4” holds up to all construction traffic. A minimum of 1” is used for an overlay.

Q. Can asphalt be resurfaced (overlaid)?

A. Yes, asphalt drives and parking lots can be resurfaced with a 1” overlay as long as there is no loose asphalt underneath. The existing surface is patched and prepped when needed before an overlay. If its alligator cracked in appearance you may need to strip or mill off the existing asphalt before paving.

Q. How long should I wait to seal new asphalt?

A. 1 year is recommended, if you seal asphalt to soon, the asphalt can not cure properly. It takes 12 years for asphalt to cure fully.

Q. How long will new asphalt last?

A. Asphalt can last as long as 15 to 20 years. After this time they can be overlaid to look new again. You can prolong the life span to 20-25 years with regular sealcoating.

Q. Is the asphalt used on my drive the same as used on street and commercial parking lots?

A. There are lots of different asphalt, but the most common used on drives, streets, and parking lots is a S-3 D.O.T. Mix.

Q. How long will I have to stay off my new asphalt?

A. We recommend over night, on order for the asphalt to cool.

Q. Does my asphalt have to be sealed?

A. Yes. Sealers are used to stop gas, oil and other petroleum products from eating thru the asphalt and they also keep the asphalt looking black and new. We do recommend that you have your asphalt sealed every 2 to 3 years.

Q. Is there a permit required for my Road and Parking areas?

A. Yes, Unless it is a repair

Q. Can loose gravel (stone) be paved over?

A. No. Loose gravel acts like marbles under the asphalt allowing asphalt to move and not adhere to the base which will cause cracking

Q. How long will it take to pave my asphalt?

A. We try to pave as much as possible while being convenient and allowing accessibility to all homeowners

Q. Does it matter what size roller is used?

A. Yes, because compaction is important. The thicker the asphalt, the bigger the roller needed or the more times it needs to be rolled. Asphalt needs to be rolled several times before it cools and as it cools. We use a 2-3 ton steel drum roller and a rubber tired traffic roller for “Finish” rolling.

Q. Does the base need to be primed before it is paved?

A. Yes, This is required on all residential, commercial and D.O.T. Jobs. The primer adhered the asphalt to the base.

Q. Why do you sealcoat asphalt?

A. Asphalt “Oxidizes” over the years of exposure to weather and traffic. Sealcoating puts the color back into asphalt. It also protects the asphalt from gas and oil damage.

Q. Do we have to have Handicap parking stalls?

A. The ADA code is a Federal Requirement. If your existing parking is “Deeded parking” you can bypass these requirements. If your parking is “assigned” you can not. The Building Code requires 1 Handicap stall for every 25 stalls (or part thereof) up to 200 stalls, then 1 for every 50 stalls from 200 to 500 and so on.

Q. How do I know if I’m hiring a good contractor?

A. Check references, past clients and go look at their work performed in your area. Check with the county lease board for compliance. Ask about their warranty and be sure to ask if they are here year round in case you have any problems that need attention. Always be sure to get a Certificate of Insurance from every Contractor you do business with

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