Job Site Checklist

Site Map Overview
One of the greatest tools in a community is a map of the entire property with roadways and parking areas clearly marked. These can be used for many things and is the first piece of information we request when a job comes in. The property map gives us the opportunity to note repairs on property and any problem areas as well as layout the property for scheduled work. Color coded copies will be returned to you.

Delivery/Home Service
Make sure that all delivery services are notified of your plan. This includes the post office, UPS, FEDEX, as well as newspapers. Sometimes, we find that it is easier to stop service for the days that are scheduled for the work to be completed than to try and reroute the drivers. Some of our properties set up a table in their clubhouse and the residents allow a board member or volunteer to accept packages for the residents to pick up at their convenience.

Project meeting
Schedule a Q & A session for the residents one to two weeks prior to the scheduled work. Make sure to have extra copies of the site maps available as well as any other information the community might need to make sure the project goes smoothly. This is an available service if needed.

Block Captains
On one of our larger communities, they assigned block captains for each street. The block captains were responsible to follow up with each of their areas residents and make sure they were completely aware of the up and coming work. One of the captains held a pot luck supper that not only gave them the opportunity to discuss the project, but also the opportunity to meet their neighbors in a casual setting.

Landscape/Pool Service
Make sure that all residents notify their personal pool or landscape maintenance companies. Make sure to give them enough notice so they can rearrange their schedules and not lose any revenues as a result of your community’s projects. If a condominium, the property manager will handle this.

Though they aren’t the bill payers of the neighborhood, they can definitely cost a community some money if they aren’t included in the notification process. School buses and nannies and home care workers need to be informed of the work schedule, as well as assigning a designated “safe” area where the children can be picked up and dropped off during the course of the project. In addition, make sure all parents notify their children to stay off the treated areas in order to avoid any tracking or damage to the treated roadways.

Contact Information
Make sure to have a contact list for the contractor to have if he/she should have a problem arise on site during the project. In addition, make sure your contractor provides you with a site contact plus an office contact in case of any changes that might occur. Cell numbers for reaching the main contact are necessary.

Garbage Pickup
We will try to work around the pick-up schedule or you may want to call and change the pick up times

Irrigation- Make sure that entire irrigation system, both residents and common areas, are turned off at least 24 hours prior to the start of the project. Sprinkler systems are out worst nightmare as well have to as well as have to dry the roads before we can shoot or pave them and in some cases, this added work results in additional charges.

Someone once said “Plan your work and work your plan”

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