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All County Paving is here for Florida’s concrete needs. We’re a customer-focused team that’s proven our ability to provide top-tier services in the Orlando and Delray Beach areas. With decades of experience, we can safely and precisely tackle almost any concrete job.

Concrete Pavement Basics

It’s essential to understand some concrete basics before deciding on whether this common, strong material is right for the job. To begin with, there are four specific types of concrete pavement:

  • Conventionally reinforced pavements that incorporate steel reinforcements and use dowels in contraction joints.
  • Conventionally reinforced pavements without contraction joints that are instead reinforced with continuous longitudinal steel
  • Bare pavement with dowels that provide load transfer and help prevent faulting.
  • Bare pavement with dowels that use aggregate interlocks to transfer loads across joints and prevent faulting

Once you pick which type of concrete pavement you need, you’ll need to grade and compact the soil on which the concrete will be paved. Then you have the option of a couple of paving methods: slip form and fixed form. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

To provide skid resistance once the pavement has been placed, you’ll need to texture the surface area. This can also be done with various methods, such as artificial-turf drag, burlap drag, grooving with a roller or comb, or wire brooming. The pavement is then cured and dried.

While the concrete hardens, it will begin to contract. When the paving is done by professionals like All County Paving, the contractions will cause cracks below the joints. This allows space for the concrete to expand in the hot, humid weather that often occurs in Florida.

Our Concrete Services

We offer a variety of concrete services for your needs. We can handle construction, installation, repair, and replacement.


Ramps have a long history as one of the first simple tools that humans created. Obviously, they make it easier to move objects from one level to another. This makes them ideal for industrial sites, delivery hubs, and even ADA requiring accessibility.

When you hire All County Paving, we’ll work with you to determine the ramp’s best slope. For the greatest ease of access, you’ll need a small slope. However, this can also increase the length of the ramp. Conversely, a large slope will require more force to move an object up the ramp but only requires a short distance.

Should your ramp require repair, we can help. We can help identify the underlying issues through our decades of experience and provide measures to resolve them. This will also help extend the lifespan of the ramp.


Commercial curbing should be considered a lasting investment in a property. It serves as a durable tool that doesn’t break, bend, or move when built and maintained properly.

There are a variety of benefits that come with commercial curbing. It can help set barriers for grassy lawn areas or it can help set parking lots, entrances, exits, and other property apart from each other. In parking lots, concrete curbs offer a great deal of protection. For instance, they help separate pedestrians from vehicles.

We can help design and install new concrete curbs or replace your current installations. Our knowledge of local rules and regulations means an easy approval process from the city and cuts down on wasted time and money.


Concrete gutters often referred to as Finlock gutters, aren’t as common as they once were. However, many buildings that have them installed deserve professional repair and replacement services. That’s where All County Paving can help.

Generally, there are three options to repair concrete guttering. The first option is to seal them to help prevent any further leaks. When done correctly, this should add between another six to ten years to the life of your gutters.

You can also use gutter liners to help prevent a leak. Liners have a long life expectancy and are made from a variety of materials.

The final option is to replace the gutters. This gives you brand new gutters that can be constructed to better resolve the issues your gutters face.


Over time and after repeated exposure to Florida’s harsh weather, sidewalks can become uneven, crack, and heave. This tarnishes the sidewalk’s looks and potentially creates hazards for pedestrians.

We can help level your sidewalk, as well as seal or caulk any cracks. These repair methods can help return the sidewalk’s aesthetic beauty and increase its lifespan. Should your sidewalk’s condition require more than just repairs, we can also quickly and effectively replace your sidewalk.

All County Paving Wants to Be Your Concrete Contractor

With nearly 30 years of experience servicing commercial properties in the Orlando and Delray Beach areas, All County Paving is ready to be your concrete contractor. We prioritize professionalism, safety, and accuracy to ensure we add value to any project.

Reach out to us today by calling 561-588-0949. You can also request a quote through our website.

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