Tips to Help Maintain Your Asphalt Investment

With over thirty years in the asphalt paving business, All County Paving has seen it all. Here are a few tips to help you maintain your asphalt investment:

  • Immediately after an asphalt installation: Make sure that no vehicles or foot traffic is on the asphalt until it has completely hardened. Usually, the asphalt can be used within 24 hours. Keeping the surface free of any traffic will allow it to cure. The asphalt will set up and harden during this time period.
  • Act immediately: If you spot a crack, hole or weed, you should act immediately. Cracks and potholes will widen and spread as any moisture penetrates the area, which will erode the asphalt and damage the base. Keep an eye on your asphalt by doing weekly inspections to prevent costly repairs.
  • Seal Coating: Have your asphalt parking lot sealcoated annually. Sealcoating is cost-effective, and will keep your asphalt in great condition, and protected. The weather and sun can slowly erode the surface, but regular sealcoating will protect it and save you from costly repairs.
  • Keep asphalt clean: Keeping your asphalt free from any dirt or debris will keep your asphalt surface healthier. Leaves, dirt, mud, chemicals, oil, gasoline, and fluids from automobiles can damage asphalt, but when the surface is cleaned regularly it will help prevent damage.
  • Standing Water: If you notice puddles of water on your asphalt, then there is a drainage problem. Standing water can cause the asphalt to crack, which will cause major damage to the base. It is important to have the drainage problem checked out by a professional contractor immediately.

Having regular maintenance performed on your asphalt will lengthen the life of your pavement. You can expect to get up to twenty-five years of life with regular asphalt maintenance. Investing a bit of money on maintenance will prevent costly repairs and replacement to your asphalt later, which can cost thousands of dollars.

Using the tips provided will assist in stopping any problems before they start and will allow your asphalt to last for a very long time.

All County Paving provides a maintenance program for your asphalt, which includes:

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